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Richard is a painter and sculptor based on Waiheke Island in New Zealand.

Changes to Resource Management Act because it is too generous to the environment

  Sir Geoffery Palmer was on the radio this morning talking about his analysis of the Government’s proposed changes to the Resource Management Act. He makes the valid point that the state of the environment has deteriorated in the 22 years that the Act has been with us and there can be no justification to […]

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Putting a Lid on Terrorism

It seems like only yesterday that George Bush II and his acolytes were leading the willing into Iraq to divest Saddam of the nuclear and chemical weapons that posed an imminent threat to the free world. These weapons – that were never found, were commonly called Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which was the word […]

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Stagnant weather doesn’t hold back the climate

The apparent lack of warming in the last decade – although it was the hottest on record, is no reason to celebrate.

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Sculpture in the Gardens Lineup Announced

Last week Sculpture in the Gardens announced the artists selected for the 2013/2014 summer show. I was very pleased to be among the 23 artists that will have their work in the gardens over the period running from 9 November 2013 through to 16 February 2014. This will be the fourth biennial show to be […]

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Don Elder was painted into a corner

Everyone from John Campbell to Gareth Hughes has been dumping on Don Elder over the last week. Not only did he oversee the now disastrous diversification of Solid Energy that has been deemed responsible for significant redundancies in the coal mining industry, but he also continues to draw his rather large salary while on gardening […]

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Government has us over a barrel

Last year I signed the petition calling for a referendum on the sale of the power companies. Although our minority National Government went to the polls in 2012 saying they wanted to sell, they only scraped past the post; ending up with 59 + 1 (ACT) + 1 (United Future) seats that were for the […]

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Featured in Art News

The latest issue of Art News came out last week and had a feature article about sculpture that was on display over the summer. I was very pleased to see that my work Quarter-acre Weather-board Paradise was included in the accompanying photographs. It has been a busy summer with lots of sculpture out and about […]

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Red Cottage gets Greener

  After a long lead-up after making the decision to generate some electricity for ourselves, Red Cottage is now adding to the grid. If you live on Waiheke Island, you might even be getting some of our electrons. We placed our order with What Power Crisis back in December, but what with Christmas and holidays, […]

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New Zealand Government Eats its Greens

When John Key was elected Prime Minister of a minority National government in 2008, one of his first acts was to overturn legislation of the defeated Labour government mandating a phase-out of incandescent light bulbs. National was not to be associated with ‘nanny state’ proscription which ran counter to a Libertarian agenda that included lots […]

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Let’s get real about cats and dogs

Regardless of where you sit in the cat spectrum, you will readily admit that cats catch and kill stuff

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