The ArtistRichard is a painter and sculptor who is based on the ‘bottom end’ of Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Richard has a Ph.D. in geology and geochemistry and spent 15 years working in the mining & exploration industry throughout Australasia before returning home to pursue a long-term  passion for the arts.His work references current issues in science Рnotably climate change and the state of the environment.

Richard’s sculpture is figurative and emphasises ‘man in the landscape’ often playing with scale and perspective to emphasise the pre-eminence of mankind in this space. The ‘body language’ of his figures tell stories about relationships and the conversations they might be having. It is intended that the works be approached from a distance so that the perspective of these giant figures changes and eventually dwarfs the observer. Works may be made from timber, mild steel (painted),¬† corten steel and most recently fabric.

Richard’s painting interests lie with portraiture and mapping. The portraits of people and animals are tone maps where the pallet is reduced to key tones and layers. The boundaries between the subject and the background is often undefined. The maps are painterly line studies emphasising topography from unusual viewpoints.

Richard’s work is found in public and private collections throughout the world and he is keen to talk with collectors regarding possible commissions.